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Diabetic and
pre-diabetic nutrition
Diabetes is a serious disorder that can lead to complications such as heart attack,
kidney failure, blindness, nerve damages, amputations…
One person dies of diabetes every 7 seconds around the world.
A patient with this disease needs to adapt his/her diet by focussing on
low glycaemic index (GI) food. This food optimally limits the postprandial glucose peak
in the blood and gradually provides the body with energy.
Nutribio’s research and development team has created a low GI drink specifically
adapted to diabetics’ nutritional needs.
This product is the result of two years of scientific development.
It has been clinically studied to reduce its low glycaemic index by 21,5.
Product specifications
Powdered dairy nutritional drink to rehydrate in water
One glass can be drunk as a meal portion or a snack
Fibre- and protein-rich for satiating effect
Healthy cardiovascular lipid balance
Low calorie intake
Gourmet vanilla flavour