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The Route Du Lait
The Route Du Lait is a quality approach federating the entire
Sodiaal Group actors and implementing the requirements of
the “from the stable to the table” chain, throughout the
collection, the transformation and the logistics.

Launched in 1997, it is the first quality management approach of
the French dairy sector.

The aim is to guarantee product origin and production methods to meet consumers’ expectations in terms of food safety and respect of the environment.
It integrates sanitary guarantees, hygiene, animal well-being, respect of the environment, professionalism of the producers.

It concentrates on 6 major issues:
Enhance the cooperative system
Manage and monitor the milk material
Meet the customers’ expectations
Ensure products’ quality excellence
Offer a sustainable business
Reduce the sector’s environmental footprint

Launched 15 years ago and already involving 90% of the producers, The Route Du Lait is the key to the Sodiaal group’s improvement engagement in terms of quality management and respect of the environment. They are subject to farm audits every 3 years in order to follow the implementation of best practices and future developments.