• Nutribio will be present at the Vitafoods exhibition, Europe’s key nutraceutical event

  • - Nutribio has successfully passed the CNCA agreement program on May 1,2014

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Weight management
Nutribio creates, manufactures and sells adult dietetic products with nutritional specifications
meeting the consumer’s special needs.

This range complies with consumers’ specific needs and local regulations of the targeted market.

Our weight control products are organized in several categories depending on the special
nutritional profile:
meal replacements intended as substitutes for one or more meals during the day
Hyper-protein products
Hypo-caloric products, etc.

Nutribio’s slimming products and concepts cover all the existing types of diets around the world
while guaranteeing pleasure and taste.
They are available as sweet or savoury powders to be reconstituted (milk-shakes, soups,
beverages, smoothies,…) or bars (cereal bars or filled bars).